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Valeri has taken me to levels of strength that I had not reached in my previous ten years at the club and has continually moved with the trends of the game to find the perfect balance between strength and player’s aerobic capacity. Valeri was also instrumental in the rehabilitation of my hamstring injury. During that period he would go to any extreme to get the best possible outcome for me.

(Matthew Lloyd, Essendon FC, 1995 – 2009)

Under Valeri’s personal guidance and weights programmes I have reached career high strength levels as have so many of my team mates. Valeri has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the technical and practical applications of weight training.

(Scott Lucas, Essendon FC, 1994 – 2009)

I have known Val for over 14 years with his work at the Hawthorn football club. His roll at the time was a key part of the fitness team with a heavy focus on strength and conditioning. He was exceptional with his knowledge and expertise in getting the very best out of the group with always a heavy focus on quality and technique. I loved my involvement with him and found him to be extremely dedicated and hard working.

(Shane Crawford, Hawthorn FC, 1991 – 2008)

Valeri was very influential in my career. When Valeri joined the Hawthorn FC he had a major impact on my fitness with all of my weight training levels increasing as well as my sprint times and recovery abilities. Valeri also introduced me to specific forms of exercise which assist in peak performance and recovery, such as meditation, Buteyko breathing and yoga

(Angelo Lekkas, Hawthorn FC, 1993 – 2005)

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