Alexandria Darmanin: Parter training

Alex Darmanin

I had had my gym membership for a while but didn’t have the drive to keep it up on a regular basis, as a result I wasn’t feeling at my best. I knew hiring a personal trainer would force me to get serious about my fitness but the added expense was holding me back. That was until my mum suggested we train together to make it more affordable for me.

My mum had been training with Rikki for a while and kept saying such fantastic things about Rikki’s sessions; I just had to try her for myself. She was correct, Rikki has been amazing and training with mum has been great fun. Having someone else beside me to compete with is a huge drive, I feel like I get so much out of each session.

Since starting I’ve noticed a huge difference in my personal physique and mental alertness. My job as a graphic designer can be demanding at times and since training with Rikki the most significant thing I have noticed is that I am a lot less tired. Energy levels were always a bit of a struggle for me…not so much anymore!

The variety in exercises is great, there is always something new. Training with mum is also fun and seeing how far we’ve come from where we started is a great reminder to keep going. I’ve even tried some weightlifting at Rikki’s encouragement and am thoroughly enjoying it, we have a blast!

Taking on Rikki as my trainer was the best decision I have made. It is such a fantastic feeling when you know you are getting fitter and becoming healthier. Having mum there to egg-on is an added bonus, we can be very competitive! Training with Rikki is enjoyable and is the highlight of my week. Rikki is professional, knowledgeable and tough but most importantly she gets you the results you want and has made me actually enjoy staying fit. I only wish I had started sooner!

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