Amanda O’Brien: Wedding preparation

I decided to give myself the added motivation I needed and enlist a personal trainer as I was on the cliché wedding count down, which was in June this year. After talking to a few different trainers over the phone and browsing their websites, Rikki seemed to be the most upbeat, qualified and enthusiastic. I even switched gyms just so I could begin training with her. I started seeing Rikki last October and we have continued our sessions post wedding too.

Rikki practices what she preaches which is one of the main reasons I decided to start training with her. She has a positive attitude and not only provides me with physical training, she also offers healthy eating advice and tips. Some recipes too!

Rikki and I have most weeks two sessions together and no two sessions are the same. Rikki mixes it up and we go through a lot of core strength and weight training, which I really enjoy. I enjoy our early morning sessions, they not only encourage me to get out of bed, but we always share stories and a lot of laughs!

Rikki has not only improved upon all my techniques in the gym but also has helped me lift more and more weights each week. In the diamond bar I have lifted my personal best of 60kgs, which I am very proud of! Now that my wedding has been and gone I am continuing my training to be a fitter, healthier, stronger version of myself.

Besides my two fur babies, Preston and Elroy, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. I like to exercise and apart from my sessions with Rikki I enjoy bike rides which take me all around Melbourne, travel, discovering new places to dine, reading and experiencing new cultures.

If you are thinking about training with Rikki I would say “Do it!” Rikki is great and has become more than just a personal trainer, she is a friend too. Rikki’s own training goals and efforts inspire me and I am just as proud of her competition efforts as I am my own personal goals!

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