Erin Rainey: From ‘stuck in a rut’ to powerlifting competitor

I was stuck in a rut with my regular training and was bored doing the same thing over and over without much to show for my efforts. My friend Kim had been training with Rikki and was achieving fantastic results so I thought I would try personal training for myself. Little did I know where this decision would lead me!

My goals have always been pretty general and I have never wanted to be “skinny” as such. I wanted to look more athletic and improve my functional strength for my work with animals. Rikki really listened to what I wanted and suggested that when I felt ready I might like to try powerlifting in the future. I thought she had gone mad but was keen to test out the training and see how strong I really was. We started off working on my competition technique and building my strength for the three lifts; squat, bench press and deadlift. Six months later and I am about to compete in my second competition. My strength has improved beyond my expectations and I am now squatting and deadlifting over 100kg in my training sessions. I can’t wait to test myself again in competition.

I look forward to my training sessions and love/hate knowing I’m probably going to be pushed harder than last week. I also really enjoy the variety in my training as no two sessions are the same.

Rikki understands your fitness capabilities as well as your goals and can take you beyond what you believe you are capable of achieving. I’m very happy with the results I’ve achieved over the last year and definitely would not have reached these goals if I’d been left to my own devices!

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