Jessica Foulds: Better results from personal training with Rikki

My approach to exercise and diet has always been all or nothing and as a result I was constantly yo-yoing up and down on the scales. I decided it was time to work with a personal trainer. I was going through the motions at the gym without seeing results and hoped that committing time and money to a personal trainer would help get me out of my rut.

After a recommendation from a fellow gym-goer, I chose Rikki as my personal trainer. I had often seen her training clients while taking spin classes and they always looked like they were being pushed, something that I knew I needed.

I enjoy the structure and guidance that having a trainer and a program provides and the variety and challenge that each session offers. While some mornings I would much prefer to stay in bed than get up for our 6am session, I walk away every time knowing that I have really worked hard and was pushed to do more than I could ever do on my own.

I have definitely had some hiccups along my journey with Rikki, but definitely feel like I am now moving in the right direction and am seeing results. Thanks to the focus on strength training in our sessions, I feel a stronger, more toned, less lethargic at work and just a lot healthier all-round.

I still have a way to go and my main goal for the future is to keep going. I am slowly learning that it is not all about the number on the scales and that there is no quick-fix solution out there. I know that getting the results that you are after requires hard work and consistency, so my goal is to continue to do that in my training with Rikki.

If you to want be pushed to get the most out of yourself in each and every session then Rikki is the trainer for you! She is professional and knowledgeable, but more importantly has the right balance between being supportive and friendly, but still firm! I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

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