Jin Wei – Chinese National Swimming Coach

Valeri with Liu Zige

I came to know Valeri Stoimenov in 2008 when I took a few of my athletes to Melbourne for training. I have then continue working with him ever since.

Valeri Stoimenov worked as my strength and conditioning coach for my athletes including Liu Zige and Shi Feng.

With the help of Valeri, Liu Zige performed well in a series of competitions and breaking the world Record for woman’s 200m butterfly, which she still holds. Liu regards Valeri as an “extremely professional, reliable and passionate person”

Valeri’s professionalism and wisdom is reflected in the way he works, he is very flexible in combining his training methods with mine to achieve the best result.

He was even able to come to Beijing for our Olympic preparation in 2012, which I really appreciate.

I am very fortunate to have Valeri working with me, there is no doubt that he will make a worthy candidate for whoever is in need of his expertise.

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