John Slavin: Stepping it up a level

John Slavin

Join the gym, put some weights in your hands, wave them around and get fit. It’s not really that easy, after a while it can become a bit routine and you plateau out. When you are younger there are plenty of organised sports and activities to participate in and fitness is naturally easy but as you get older fitness requires more effort but brings important, long term rewards.

I needed to step up a level so I decided a Personal Trainer, as a coach, could provide that extra guidance, set challenges, maximize efficiency and bring an element of accountability to my training. (In other words doing it solo was ok but I needed someone to kick my butt.)

I had seen Rikki working with her clients and I was impressed by her focused and professional approach and this seemed to bring out the best in people. My wife, Carolyn organised some sessions as a present and Rikki formulated a program and then – I found out what hard work really was. After the first session I finished up with Elvis legs- All shook up and shaking all over. There is satisfaction in doing a good session and results have followed. Rikki has the knowledge to mix it up and sessions are lots of fun she takes an interest in, supports and listens to her clients and will work with you to help you improve your performance. (Rikki managed to modify and adjust my program on the occasions when I was coming back after a fall from my bike)

I have noticed simple daily activities are easier with better fitness and there is a definite feeling of general well-being that goes along with sticking to a fitness program. A little weight loss and a gain in strength were also advantages of pushing that bit harder. I have participated in World Masters Games in swimming, rode in Around the Bay in a Day bike ride and done a few fun runs not too competitive but I would like to beat some younger competitors.

A long term aim is to stay active and in good health. This means on-going work, so make it fun and enjoy the benefits. If you are thinking about Personal Training I would say take the opportunity you will love it, Rikki and Val from Strength For You have the experience and understanding to get you going.

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