John Waters: You’re never too old to improve your health and fitness

John Waters

Whilst training, I would see Val exercising and running most mornings in Gisborne. I would train every day for the sport of casting which is using fishing gear to hit targets or achieve distance. As target archery is to bow hunting, casting is to fishing. Competitions are conducted in specific casting pools, of which there are three in Melbourne. Without knowing Val’s background at all, and being frustrated after a practice session at the same oval at which Val was also training, I mentioned to him that I needed to get stronger and fitter. Val had noticed me casting over many weeks and he offered to help. I was very impressed with his analytical comments about my sport as he had only watched from afar and he suggested a program to improve my power and flexibility.

When Val went to China, he suggested I continue my program with Rikki and I could not have been more impressed with her professionalism, friendliness and training knowledge. Her understanding of my sport and how a program targeting strength, speed and flexibility would improve my results, impressed me greatly because the sport of casting is very small in Australia and very little is known about the techniques required, outside of the competitors themselves. Her analytical skills associated with movement, and the development of both speed and power to optimise that movement, is very impressive.

I look forward to each training session because they are fun. I am also very comfortable with the encouragement Rikki offers at each stage of my progress. She challenges me, but always in a supportive and encouraging manner.

Since I started training with Val and Rikki I have lost 13 kilos and can’t remember feeling fitter or stronger and my sporting results are improving. At 63 years of age I thought that I was past any improvement but I was wrong. I have learnt that age is not a barrier to improving strength, flexibility and general fitness. Maybe I used my age as an excuse to not make the effort to get fit, but I now realise that with support, I can achieve my goals.

My wife and I recently became first time grandparents which has added a new and wonderful aspect to our lives. We are both very lucky to be healthy and enjoy our family and I am determined to continue improving my fitness so that I can continue that enjoyment in the future. I enjoy competing in my sport of casting and want to be the best competitor I can.

I would recommend Rikki and Val to anyone. Their professionalism shows through in all aspects of their work. I have enrolled in gym courses before, started each enthusiastically but soon lost that enthusiasm. I have also purchased gym equipment for my home and not kept up session frequency or duration. With their support and encouragement, I look forward to each of our training sessions and that enthusiasm has not diminished at all over the months I have been training with them. What also impressed me was their genuine interest in my goals and progress outside of our training sessions e.g. providing me with a 7-day program of training and exercise that builds upon our weekly sessions, or, an email to ask how I felt the day after a new exercise or an increase in weights etc. They put the “Personal” into Personal Trainer.

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