Kimberly Mulcahy: Weight loss and personal achievement

Kim Mulcahy, Strength 4 U success story

I decided to take on Rikki as my personal trainer when I had hit a weight loss plateau. I knew that I was at a point where I could only push myself so far and get results – I needed someone to give me that last push! I had been training alone since January 2012 and had lost around 22kg on my own from walking and increasing my gym workouts, but I knew that the last few kilos would be the biggest challenge of all.

I chose to recruit Rikki as my personal trainer as she trains my brother Mitch. He had achieved outstanding results from training with her and when hearing post-training stories of their sessions I knew she would definitely get me the results I wanted!

I enjoy that Rikki & I can chat about absolutely anything, but at the same time there is still that trainer/client boundary where she can push me to my limits despite my whinging. I love having someone to talk to who understands the weight loss process and who can recommend new out of session challenges to try and recipes to eat. As much as I enjoyed training alone at the gym, I accomplish 10 times the amount of work in half an hour with Rikki than I would alone in 1 hour. After a training session with Rikki I feel that I have really pushed my body and worked it hard whereas when working out alone I would allow myself to make excuses and not feel as accomplished after a session. With Rikki there are no excuses allowed.

I have had two major achievements since training with Rikki. The first would definitely be the shrinkage of my arms, legs and stomach, the really hard areas to get toned and trim. With a combination of our sessions and Rikki’s diet recommendations I have been able to get these areas nice and toned alongside losing a further 3kg in body fat.

The other achievement would be getting up on a single ski. Prior to my weight loss I had no confidence, no strength and no determination that I could ski, something I had always wanted to do. In January 2013 after extensive training with Rikki, I had gained a lot of muscle, shed a lot of fat and had a completely different mindset – and got up on a single ski 3rd shot, the feeling was indescribable.

I highly recommend Rikki to take on any challenge you may have, she is caring, encouraging, committed, and friendly but most importantly she pushes you to your limit whilst maintaining a huge grin on her face.

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