Peter Hughes: Losing weight and strengthening a bad back

I began at the gym to lose weight and because I had a bad back injury and wanted to strengthen my back. Working with Rikki over eight years I have managed to keep off the 25 kilos I lost and have been building my core strength and aerobic fitness. I look forward to my weekly PT sessions because they are fun, but just as importantly I have learned so much more about being fit and healthy. Rikki has designed my program to ensure that I build the core strength I need to protect my back, while including regular changes to the program to maintain motivation and stop me getting stale. She has the professional expertise and attitude to constantly monitor my progress, watching me carefully as I workout to check my technique. She amazes me how she can tell at the start of each session how I am feeling and modifies the workout if needed to suit my needs at the time. Rikki pushes me to constantly challenge myself, but is also attentive enough to be aware of those days when I need to be more careful.

I am able to take what I learn in PT sessions into my own program during the week and always enjoy achieving my fitness goals at the gym. Maybe next year I can start moving into powerlifting!

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