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Online PT consult

Strength For You understands that for any fitness program to work it must be both enjoyable and convenient. We now have a new flexible program to cater for people who are looking for accountability, direction and support but prefer to train alone, at home or at their local gym.

Our comprehensive 6 week online program includes:

Initial 30min consultation, which includes:

  • Health and Lifestyle Assessment
    • Ensures that your program is appropriate and specifically tailored for you.
  • SMART Goal Setting
    • Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. Without a clear health and fitness destination how will you know which direction to take?

Second 30min consultation to discuss program and action plan

Comprehensive 6 week Training Program, which includes:

  • Strength training program
    • Increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories at rest
    • Increase your strength and sports performance
    • Improve your posture and decrease your risk of injury
  • Aerobic training program
    • Improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance
    • Support weight loss and improve your energy levels
    • Decrease your risk of developing heart disease
  • Recovery protocols
    • Planned rest, nutrition and sleep. Recovery is just as important as training. Without adequate recovery your body cannot adapt, decreasing your chance of achieving your goals.

Nutritional guidelines

  • Easy to follow guidelines to suite any lifestyle
  • No calorie counting
  • Support your training and aid recovery

20min weekly phone catch up to discuss progress and provide feedback and support

Text and email support

Final 30min consultation to discuss results and future action plan

For your convenience, all three consultations can be conducted face to face or via phone or SKYPE.

Sounds like the program for you? Message Rikki using the contact us form to register your interest, or call Rikki on 0400 062 875

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