Personal training

Personal Training

Personal Training with Strength For You follows my proven 5 step system guaranteed to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

  1. We take the time to get really clear about your goals and decide on a specific date as to when we will achieve them.
  2. We will then do a health evaluation to get some baseline data to measure your progress against.
  3. Design a tailored exercise plan for you in order to safely achieve maximum results in minimum time.
  4. Conduct a nutrition audit and then give recommendations in line with your goals.
  5. Coaching and accountability – I will follow you up between exercise sessions, educate you, and provide all the support you need to make your goals a reality.

Getting started is easy. Just call Rikki Flanders on 0400 062 875 or send her a message using the contact us form to take her up on her no obligation FREE Smart Start offer valued at $100. This includes a health and lifestyle analysis, SMART goal setting and trial training session.


Personal Training

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