Shish and Tim: Active and healthy couple

As a couple in our 60s, we didn’t need a personal trainer to help us win body building contests or the Melbourne Marathon—and we are a little over gym junky spin and jargon. What we wanted—as naturally active people involved in sedentary work—was someone to motivate and guide us back to the fitness levels we were used to in our 20s and 30s. Rikki was the perfect choice because of her obvious knowledge and experience, her down-to-earth, no-nonsense attitude, and the fact that, while our daily lives are very different, we share with her a slightly quirky view of the world.

Our choice turned out to be a little like Harry Potter’s wand—“You don’t choose the wand, Harry. It chooses you.” Having read the biographies of several personal trainers and selected two or three about whom we wanted to find out more, we rang Rikki, and she encouraged us to come and try out with her. It soon became evident that we worked well together.

The sessions are a good mix of the familiar with variety. We concentrate on the three things we need at our age, maintenance of our flexibility and aerobic capacity, while strengthening those muscles which tend to go with age —in the back and abdomen, for instance. And the constant banter between the three of us is an important element in helping us to push ourselves. In short, we laugh a lot while running ourselves ragged—and that’s an important ingredient in keeping us going.

Keeping going, in fact, is our most important achievement. Rikki has helped to keep us focused on fitness as an important element in our lives. Not only do we make an effort to stick to our schedule of weekly sessions with Rikki, but we now encourage each other and make time to continue exercising during the week—a daily regimen of stretching, and more strenuous pursuits such as swimming, running and cycling.

Our fitness goals are centred around staying active and healthy as we drift into retirement. We both work with words for a living and will probably never fully give that away. But we are beginning to travel overseas more, and are spending more and more time in country Australia. Fitness is an important element of these experiences, as we spend a lot of time walking. And we not only still have to keep up with our children, but are looking forward to running after grandchildren in the future.

Those who take on Rikki as a personal trainer have to be prepared to do just that—take her on, give as good as you get. But, after all, isn’t that what training is all about?

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